The Must Have Dishes for a Traditional Peruvian Christmas Dinner

The Must Have Dishes for a Traditional Peruvian Christmas Dinner

Christmas is coming guys and it is time to make our grocery list! We are all very busy adn the grocery stores will be so crowded in a couple of days, that you will be scare to death to get in! So just be prepare and make your grocery shop in advance! That’s my suggestion.

If you are planning to prepare a traditional Peruvian style supper for your Christmas night  here a list of ingredients and recipes you will definitely need. I tried to include in this blog some recipes to prepare the classic dishes that every Peruvian family has on the table on the 24th at night. Ah, do not forget the basics: Peruvians use to eat at midnight on the 24th of December, not all the families stick with this tradition, but this is the rule here! So my suggestion would be: have a snack at 6:30 pm, otherwise you will feel hungry at 9:00 pm.

Credits: Comidas Peruanas

Also, just take in account that Peru is a big country, with many different traditions, depending on the area. For instance in Lima, people use to eat turkey for Christmas, in the north area of Peruvian mountains they usually eat the loot of the daily hunt, this could be pork, wild boar, deer, etc., in the Andes area, Cusco and Apurimac regions, they usually eat tubers and cuy; in the central mountains area they usually have “pachamanca”. However, let’s try to stick with Lima’s traditions and see what Limeños have for their Christmas supper.

Ingredients you must include in your grocery shop list:

* Red onion
* Garlic
* Jasmine Rice
* Angel hair noodles
* Almonds
* Raisins
* Turkey or pork (sometimes both)
* Cilantro
* Spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.)
* Potatoes
* Beetroots
* Carrots
* Green beans
* Mayonese
* Sweet potatoes, Peruvians called them “camote” (you should know by now if you follow this blog)
* Apples
* Chocolate
* Milk
* Butter
* Panettone (Oh yes! Peruvians eat panettone)

The classic dishes you’ll find on the Christmas table are “Arroz Arabe”, Baked turkey or Pork, “ensalada rusa”, potatoes pure, sweet potato puree, apple puree, hot chocolate and panettone.

To prepare “Arroz Arabe”, you need Jasmin rice, almonds, raisins, angel hair noodles, broth. You have to cooked the raw angel noodles in oil, until they got gold, then add the raisins, the almonds and the garlic for about 2-3 minutes more. Finally add the rice and stir very well. Then you have to add the broth, at least 4 cups, and salt. Just cover the pot and let it cook for about 20 minutes. You can also add a cup of Coke, it gives the dish a sweet taste. This is up to you.

Credits: Tanta Restaurant

To prepare a delicious and juicy roasted turkey, the secret is in the marinade and the sauce you prepare. Some families prefer to have their turkey ready to put in the oven, so they buy it from restaurants or grocery store already seasoned. The paste used to season the turkey is usually made of ground cumin, soy sauce, white vinegar, water, vegetable oil, garlic, paprika, ground black pepper, smoked paprika, and dried oregano. Cover the turkey with this paste at least one hour before going into the oven and sprinkle salt all over the turkey. You can prepare a filling to put inside the turkey with some spices, this depends on your tastes. Consider 3 hours to roast a 12-pound turkey. The turkey slices are usually served with a sauce made of creme fraiche, chicken broth, lime juice, Jalapeño pepers, fresh cilantro and cayenne pepper.

Credits: Tanta Restaurant

For the “ensalada rusa” just boil potatoes, carrots, green beans and beatroots, then chopp them in little cubes, add salt, pepper, lime juice and mayo. Another traditional salad is made of green apple, mayo, raisins and nuts. Ypu can choose one of them or have both. ¡Delicious!

Sweet potatoes puree is another must have for the Peruvian traditional Christmas dinner and it is easy to prepare. Just boil the sweet potatoes with a pinch of sugar and a cinnamon stick. Once they are ready smashed them to have a creamy texture, put it on a pot with sugar, add butter and if you wish a bit of orange juice. At the end add walnut. The result is delicious, I can ensure you!

Apple pure is also a must have dish for Peruvians, and it is delicious served with the roasted turkey. In a pot add the apples sliced and previously washed, sugar, water, butter and lime juice. You can use a bit of water or a half glass of white wine, this is up to you. Let it cooked until it boils and the apples are tender. Finally smashed the apples with a fork to reach a velvety texture. The puree is ready to be served.

Credits: Tanta Restaurant

To conclude the Christmas supper Peruvians usually eat Panettone with butter, (yes they add extra butter on top of thier Panettone slice!) and hot chocolate, spiced with cinnamon and cloves.Credits: Tanta Restaurant

So, here you have all you need for the perfect Peruvian Christmas dinner, and I hope you can enjoy these recipes!


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