Top four food stalls in Lima

Top four food stalls in Lima

In the last five years several food stalls and food trucks have appeared in the corners of the Peruvian capital city to make Limeños’ daily life even more vibrant than before, especially due to the initiative of young entrepreneurs. Food is an essential part of Peruvians life and we believe that it is something we have to be grateful for, that is why Peruvian consider food and gastronomy as a very serious issue. Peruvians are always eating and cooking, from breakfast to lunch, from Peruvian “lonche” to dinner. They have become epicureans without even realizing it. Every opportunity is a good one to have a snack, a quick lunch, a proper lunch or to satisfy a sweet tooth during the day. In Lima you can find food everywhere, in the corner of the main district, in the parks, in the city’s peripheral and suburban areas; there are tons of opportunities to find food for the stand-up eaters in the city.

To have a snack, or even a proper meal, you can choose between wide ranges of food options: sandwiches, baked sweets, ceviche, anticuchos, picarones and much more. Here our list of the best food stalls in the Peruvian capital city, but please note that there are tons of excellent options, and much more will have to come. We are sure we will talk about them in a future post, so stay tuned!

#1: La Cale

This is a new original and eco-friendly ceviche concept. It is a food truck with a very good ceviche barr and an environmental-friendly kitchen that works with bio-diesel and it also has three solar panels on the top of the truck to receive and store solar energy to give power to other kitchen tools. They also use recyclable packaging for their dishes. Some dishes recommendations are the ceviche marinated in passion fruit juice and Peruvian chilis, breaded silverside’s sandwich. La Cale took part in Mistura last year and you can find it in other culinary fairs and events in Lima. Here their Facebook Page, where you can find their daily location and go taste their ceviche if you are in Lima.

#2: La Reina de la Yuquitas Fritas

Agripina Peralta from Ayacucho is an old lady who has been preparing fried yucca (manioc root) for more than 15 years. She has a food stall and she usually stands in Barranco district, the bohemian area of the city. The ingredients for the dough are flour, yucca, yeast, salt and sugar to taste. The yuquitas are fried into abundant vegetal oil and they are ready to taste, better if still warm. She took part in Mistura in 2014. Here her website in case you want to check her out.

#3: La Picarona del Perú

This is a family business and they have been baking traditional Peruvian picarones for more than 5 years now. Picarones are a traditional Peruvian dessert from the colonial period, made of squash, Peruvian sweet potato, named camote, sugar, flour, yeast and anis. They have the doughnuts’ shape and they are served with syrup or different type of honey. The most famous one, apart from the traditional picarones, are the quinoa picarones dipped into fig and passion fruit’s honey. They participated in Mistura in 2013 and 2014 and they took part in several other gastronomic fairs in Lima.

#4: Tony’s Café

This is an European-style cafe on-wheels, they serve Peruvian gourmet coffee from Villa Rica, in the Pasco region, recognized as one of the best organic coffee in the world. They also sell baked sweets, such as cookies, muffins, brownies and cakes, as well sandwiches for Peruvian-style breakfast. They have a pretty good set of products for a great breakfast or an afternoon coffee-break. Here their Facebook Page, where you can track their location day by day and reach them for a good coffee if you are in Lima.


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