Peruvian Craft Beers Revolution!

Peruvian Craft Beers Revolution!

Peru experienced a craft beer revolution in the last five years, many craft beer production factories were founded and the result was a proliferation of great craft beer brands all over the country which came up besides the staple beers such as Pilsen, Cristal and Cusqueña, very popular among Peruvians. Craft beer productors not only opened their brewing factories and labs, but they also started opening new trendy bars for beer lovers in the capital city, in Cusco, in Arequipa and in the Sacred Valley, among other Peru’s destinations. The factories are actually quite open to the general public, considering that is quite common that they also offer tours inside the factory to learn about the steps of the beer production process, the different kinds of beers they produce and of course to finally taste them.

In this article we will try to make a list of the best Peruvian craft beer brands you can find and taste during your Peru trip.

  • Barbarian ( three Peruvian guys who started producing beer as hobby in 2009 and it turned into a real profitable business, considering that they opened several bars in the capital city in the last couple of years. In 2013 they moved to a bigger factory in Huachipa and they started increasing their craft beer production. Barbarian is today one of the largest micro-brewery company in Peru. In the same year some of their beers (Red Ale, Chaski Porter and L.I.M.A. Pale Ale) awarded several international prizes. In 2016 they announced their first International shipment and the opening of several bars in the capital city, first in Miraflores and then in Barranco district. In 2017 they awarded the silver medal for Chicha Tu Mare, a Sour Ale experimental beer at the American Beer Cup and the Bronze Medal for Carnero con Tapisho, a specialty IPA.


  • Sierra Andina ( This brewing company is located in Huaraz, in the middle of the Andes mountain chain in the center of Peru. “Sierra” is a word used in Peru to describe the mountain area of the country, from this area all the ingredients used in the brewing process grow. They started around 2010, and one year later the beer production started in the Cascapampa factory. In 2013 the company opened Trivio (,  their restaurant and taproom in the center of Huaraz city, from  now on the craft beer production increased and they now sell beers all over the country. In 2016 they awarded the silver medal for their Shaman IPA, an American IPA, in 2017 the gold medal for the same beer, in 2018 their Mi Yunta Saison awarded as best strong Belgian Ale and the Silver medal again in the American Beer Cup.

  • Cumbres ( a brewing company founded by young Peruvians with a goal in mind: mix traditional beer ingredients with Peruvian grains and fruits. They consider themselves as a “Peruvian fusion beer company”. Among their top beers we can mention Inka Pale Ale made with purple corn (maiz morado), a very strong and sour beer, Maracumanto, whose delicious tropical fruit aroma comes from the taste of passion fruit (maracuya) and aguaymanto, Kolsch with Quinoa, a reintrerpretation of the classic German beer produced in the city of Cologne, a very refreshing beer ideal to pair with cheese and ham. Their Roja-Scottish Export awarded the Bronze Medal in 2018 at the American Beer Cup.

  • Cerveceria del Valle ( a brewing company located in the heart of the Sacred Valley and fonde in 2007 by four friends who decided to implement a sustainable project to also support the local rural community surrounding the factory. Their tasting room is located along the Urubamba River (Pachar Bridge is the reference). In 2015 their Sauco Sour Smash (America Wild Specialty) and their Cusco Dark Ale (Specialty IPA) awarded the bronze medals at the American Beer Cup; in 2016, their Strong Ale Del Valle a Barranco (Strong Ale) awarded the silver medal their Doña Elsa Wheat (American Wheat Beer), and the Aniversario 2015 (Herbed and Spiced Beer) awarded the bronze medals at the American Beer Cup. Their craft beers have been internationally and locally recognized in the last years.

These are onle few of the craft beer compagnie fonde in Peru in the last years, so just come here and experience our craft beer revolution!

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