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Not know what to expect? Check our video gallery that includes videos of our services, the wonderful places you will visit and activities you will enjoy. Take the chance to watch us in action! Click on the captions to see the videos
Click on the captions to see the videos

Peru at the Glance on Peru & Culinary

Market Visit: Join us in a visit to the Market in Lima where you can find a variety of fruit and vegetables of our country including exotic products from the mountain and the jungle.
Ceviche Preparation: After purchasing all the ingredients for the ceviche, see how passengers collaborate with the chef to get everything ready.
Ceviche Festival: The actual preparation of the ceviche, see how our ceviche chef takes you step by step into the preparation of the ceviche.
Walking City Tour: A glimpse of what you do on our walking city tour. See how our passengers visit Lima chinatown and experience a Peruvian "Chifa".
Nikkei Dinner and the Japanese Influence in Peruvian Cuisine: Interesting segment with an interview with Mr. Humberto Sato, the chef who created the "Nikkei" food and taught Nobu
Sacred Valley Tour and Peruvian Cusquenian Cuisine: Enjoy the Sacred Valley scenery and learn about some of the ingredients and delicious dishes of the Andean cuisine.
Introduction to special Andean pottery artist: An interview with Pablo Seminario who will tell us his secret techniques to create his unique pottery.
The secret of making a good Pisco Sour: Learn how to make a typical Pisco Sour
Pisac Market: Visit the most popular Andean market and enjoy a quick lesson on how to bargain
The secret of weave: Learn from ladies weavers from the community of "Chinchero" about the weaver tradition they inherited from their ancestors
Journey to Machu Picchu: Enjoy the beautiful Magic of Machu Picchu and a flute concert by our guide Juan Cornejo

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