Standard Culinary Program
Basics of the Peruvian Cuisine/Private City Tour & Pisco Night /Amazon Fusion Dinner
Basics Peruvian Cuisine (class/tasting/lunch) Our chefs will teach you the quintessential basics of Peruvian Cuisine. You will learn how to prepare Peru’s staple dishes and afterwards you will enjoy a full tasting of these traditional Peruvian dishes. Demonstration class and lunch will offer an opportunity to taste the many dishes you learned to prepare during this class. Includes Cooking Set and Recipes.
Lima City Tour in the afternoon
Many tours tend to forget about Lima on the way to Cuzco. In our opinion, the history and anthropology in Lima, which pre-dates the Incas by thousands of years, provides an excellent starting point to better understand and appreciate the Inca cultures you will discover while in Cuzco. In the City Tour you will see the Spanish city center, and get a snapshot of the most important city sites. Sites to be visited: Main Square; Government Palace; City Hall; San Francisco Monastery (including catacombs).
Pisco Tasting (Class/Demonstration/Tasting) Pisco is Peru’s national drink and a liquor so versatile that can be drunk alone or mixed with fruits from which we make amazing “Pisco Martinis”. You will learn to prepare these new, trendy pisco-based drinks with exotic fruits in addition to the traditional Pisco Sour at one of Lima’s hottest spots. Tasting good Pisco is like tasting wine, you will be able to learn about the different grapes and grape combinations that are used in the preparation of Pisco through a guided tasting by an expert sommelier.
Amazon Fusion Dinner (Tasting): At Malabar Restaurant. Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino an innovative young chef will present his new cuisine using jungle ingredients in a 5-course tasting dinner. This tasting dinner bring the exotic flavors of the jungle to your table and surprise even the most sophisticated foodies.
Market Visit & Fruit Festival/Ceviche Festival/Museum Tour/ Peruvian Fusion Dinner
Market Visit & Fruit Festival: Start your day with a visit to the Main market to purchase all of the food and ingredients for the class. This market is informal and a great way to experience a little bit of the Peruvian culture in its daily life. In the Main Market you can find the best variety of vegetables and fruits in the country, including exotic products from the "Andes" and the "Jungle". In all Peruvian markets, "el regateo" is a common practice "asking for a discount and negotiating the price for the product with each vendor" people even ask for a "Yapa" something for free with your purchase, one extra lime or one extra potato. We will also have the change to taste many of the exotic fruits that Peru offers.
Ceviche Festival (Class/tasting/lunch): Ceviche, in its classic form, is composed of chunks of raw fish, limejuice, chopped onion, and minced Peruvian “ají limo” and also common Andean “rocoto” (chilli). The mixture is marinated and served at room temperature with “canchita” (toasted kernels of maize), chunks of corn-on-the-cob, slices of cooked sweet potato and/or white potato, and yuyo (seaweed).
Museum tour: This visit is designed to share the Peruvian culture from the many thousands of years of pre-Inca societies up to colonial Peru. You can choose from visiting the Anthropological Museum, Larco Museum, Museo del Oro (Gold’s Museum) or Museo de la Nación (National Museum).
Peruvian Fusion Dinner (Tasting/Dinner): At Astrid & Gaston Restaurant. Is one of Latin America's most renowned restaurants. You will enjoy a 7course tasting menu prepared especially by Gaston Acurio for this Magical Culinary Tour. Wine will be included and selected by Gaston according to the menu if requested. This dinner will present the Peruvian Food in a fusion form. With this menu your will learn new and creative ways to present our traditional dishes.
Trip to Cusco/City Tour/Novoandina Dinner
Early morning flight to Cusco: Rest in your room for acclimatization to the altitude. While in Cuzco, you will focus on the amazing sites to be seen, including Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley and the city of Cuzco itself, the Capital of the Inca Empire. We will also be sharing with you some very important aspects of the local culinary fare.
City Tour: After lunch you will head to a guided City Tour which will include the Inca ruins that surround the city and all the important sites downtown. Sites to be visited: Koricancha (Sun Temple); Main Square; Cathedral; Sacsayhuaman, Pucapucara, Tambomachay.
Novoandina dinner (Tasting/Dinner): The MAP Café is located at the Museum de Arte Precolombino (Museum of Pre-Inca Art) in Cuzco owned by Chef Coque Ossio. Specializing in novoandina food, which is basically a cuisine that presents the use of native ingredients and rescued recipes with innovative techniques. This is a 5-course tasting dinner.
Sacred Valley Tour /Vegetable Demonstration & Classic Cusquenian Class
Sacred Valley Tour: In the morning you will visit the Sacred Valley located in the Urubamba Valley. - Chinchero; Ollantaytambo Fortress; Pisac market. The Valleys surrounding Urubamba hold endless mysteries to the Inca culture. The trip from Cusco offers a unique view of the regional scenery, including spectacular mountain views. Many of our guests have said the Sacred Valley was the most meaningful part of the program. It was so important we made it a standard part of our tour.
Demonstration of Local Vegetables & Home Style Cooking (Demonstration/Lunch): After an amazing tour of the ruins, we head to the Hacienda Huayoccari with Ana Maria Lambarri sharing with us his family art collection. Lunch includes a variety of “home-made” Cusquenian dish, you will taste traditional dishes prepared everyday in Cusquenian households. After lunch, we will have a guided visit to the ranch and vegetables demonstration on all the vegetables included in the lunch.
Classic Cusquenian Cuisine (Class/Dinner): Dinner and Cooking Demonstration or hands-on class – Our Chefs will give you an introduction to regional cuisine and the use of andean ingredients.
Machupicchu Tour
Early wake-up to catch the 6AM train which will transport you to the mystical Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. There are few words to describe this monumental experience; however our guide will provide special insights about Inca astrology, anthropology and musicology. You will have this evening to relax and enjoy dinner on your own.
Trip to Machu Picchu: Train to Aguas Calientes & guided tour of the Ruins; Temple of the Three Windows; The site of Intihuatana or the Sun Clock; The Sacred Plaza, etc.
Lunch in Aguas Calientes (the town below the ruins in the valley) at El Pueblo Hotel is included. During lunch you can stroll the hotel's beautiful botanical gardens on your own.
Dinner on your Own in Cusco (we will recommend restaurants)
Back to Lima/ Pachamanca/Peruvian Lonche (Tea Time)
Morning –In the morning you will return to Lima from Cuzco.
Pachamanca (Class/Lunch): Upon arrival to Lima, you will then head towards the a beautiful country area to participate in the preparation of the Pachamanca. The perfect setting for an afternoon of unique food and cocktails. “Pachamanca” is the Andean way of roasting different meats, vegetable, fruits and tubers on heated stones in an underground pit, according to the specific tastes of each region. The food is cooked with the vapor pressure and heat generated by the rocks. It's an art more than a technique. We will be bringing in Jesus M. Gutarra - a grand master of Pachamanca - to teach us how to prepare the entire meal.
Peruvian Lonche or Tea Time (Tasting/Dinner): At La Bombonniere Cafe Lonche is a Peruvian tradition. Essentially, it is a tea or coffee time in the late afternoon. A legacy of English influence in Peru during the nineteenth century, whomever is at home at the time, is invited to share a light meal, visitors drop in for lonche, and it can last for quite a long time as the conversation flows. Many people also like to go out for lonche, which includes a wide array breads, juices, pastries, desserts and sandwiches.
“Criolla” Lunch /Nikkei dinner
“Criolla” Lunch (Tasting): El Rincon Que No Conoces Restaurant (The corner restaurant you don’t know) is owned by Teresa Izquierdo, who is been cooking since she was 7. Her mother and grandmother have been cooks and Teresa at 72 is now the keeper of the secrets of Peruvian “Criolla” Food (The “comida Criolla” refers to typical Peruvian food, any of these dishes are prepared by any Peruvian in his/her household). This little place is located off the beaten track but every time you visit the place, you can always spot famous actors, politicians and well-known chefs. Teresa is considered one of the best “Criolla Food” Chefs.
Nikkei Dinner (Tasting): You will experience at Costanera 700 the Japanese and Asian influence in the Peruvian Cuisine. Japanese taught Peruvians how to eat fresh fish and the use of seafood. The next generation of Japanese adopted Peruvian ingredients and fusion them with their techniques. The result was a wonderful Cuisine that takes the best of both worlds. You will have an eye opening dinner at the restaurant of the chef Humberto Sato who has influenced many famous Chefs including Nobu.

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