Off the Beaten Path
Specialty Fish Class/Walking City Tour & Bar tour/Artistic Dinner
Specialty Fish Class at La Pescaderia: La Pescaderia is a new restaurant-boutique owned by the Peruvian chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. They use fishes from the deep sea, rarely used in the national market. Located in a fish-processing plant, La Pescadería is off the traditional restaurant circuit. This novel concept combines a restaurant business with a store selling seafood products, specializing in deep-sea fish: tuna, swordfish, moonfish, wahoo, escolar, mahi mahi, mako shark and blue marlin.
Walking City Tour & Bar Tour: This is a special City Tour made especially for those who want to discover a different face of Downtown Lima. We will walk along the main attractions such as San Francisco Church, the Main Square and Plaza San Martin. In between we will stop at the most famous bars of downtown lima where we will taste different drinks and have different experiences in each one. We will first discover the “Bar Cordano”, founded early the 20th century by Italians where we will have a typical sandwich as a snack, then we will visit the “Bar Maury”, where the Pisco Sour was invented. Finally, we will visit “El Bolivarcito” where you can try one of the best Pisco Sours in Lima. Which one is better? You will decide!
Artistic Dinner at Scena: Scena is the right place to have a one of a kind dinner. Full of color, energy and good vibe. All nights a special artistic show is shown. Opera? Acting? Folkloric show? Acrobats? Is always a surprise what will the show be.
Market visit & Fruit Festival/Lunch “at puerta cerrada”/ Visit to Private Amano Museum/Sushi Night
Market Visit & Fruit Festival: Start your day with a visit to the Main market to purchase all of the food and ingredients for the class. This market is informal and a great way to experience a little bit of the Peruvian culture in its daily life. In the Main Market you can find the best variety of vegetables and fruits in the country, including exotic products from the "Andes" and the "Jungle". In all Peruvian markets, "el regateo" is a common practice "asking for a discount and negotiating the price for the product with each vendor" people even ask for a "Yapa" something for free with your purchase, one extra lime or one extra potato. We will also have the change to taste many of the exotic fruits that Peru offers
Lunch “at puerta cerrada” This is the non-traditional stop at close doors, so don’t bother to look for a sign outside. We will just say the chef's name when the door cracks open. Here Chef Javier Wong will personally prepare you lunch at his 8-table Sankuay restaurant, located is his three-story home steps away from a wide avenue lined with tire and rim vendors in Lima's industrial La Victoria district. Behind a spotless white counter, wearing his signature woven golf cap, Wong will start chopping with his $900-Victorinox knife and mixing fragrant ingredients with the freshest fish. There are no menus at Sankuay. Wong, who was born of Chinese ancestry, he will determine your first and second courses with a quick glance at your party.
Museo Amano tour: If nowadays currency is the most important way to show economic power, in ancient Peru, it was textiles. The Museo Amano has one of the most important collections. This private collection, owned by a Japanese family, have pre-Hispanic textiles that amaze who ever sees them. As well as the restaurant you visited for lunch, this museum is “at puerta cerrada” and you can visit it only with reservation.
Sushi Night: At Hanzo Sushi Bar. The best and most trendy Sushi Bar in Town located in one of the most exclusive residential neighbourhood in Lima. Headed by young chef Hajime Kasuga offers you the most surprising alternatives of sushi, makis and japanese meal in town. Why do we include this in our tours? Simple, this is the best way to taste the freshness of our natural resources as well as Chef’s Peruvian influence such as the wonderful “Acevichado Maki”.

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