For Foodies and Culinary Experts
Market Visit/ Introduction to Peruvian Cuisine/Grocery Shopping/ Author’s Fusion Dinner
Market Visit & Fruit Festival: Start your day with a visit to the Main market to purchase all of the food and ingredients for the class. This market is informal and a great way to experience a little bit of the Peruvian culture in its daily life. In the Main Market you can find the best variety of vegetables and fruits in the country, including exotic products from the "Andes" and the "Jungle". In all Peruvian markets, "el regateo" is a common practice "asking for a discount and negotiating the price for the product with each vendor" people even ask for a "Yapa" something for free with your purchase, one extra lime or one extra potato. We will also have the change to taste many of the exotic fruits that Peru offers.
Introduction to Peruvian Cuisine Have the best teaching chefs in Peru introduce you to the quintessential basics of Peruvian Cuisine. Our Chefs will teach you how to prepare Peru’s staple dishes and afterwards you will enjoy a full tasting of these traditional Peruvian dishes. This hands-on class or demonstration and lunch will offer an opportunity to taste the many dishes you learned to prepare during this class.
Culinary & Grocery Shopping. We will take you to shop for recipe books and ingredients for you to prepare at home the Peruvian dishes you learn to make during your trip.
Author’s Fusion Dinner: Rafael Osterling creates each and every dish as if he is creating a piece of art. His cuisine is not defined by any style and is only influenced by the quality of the product he finds in each place he has a restaurant. His dishes are incredibly creative but always respecting the ingredients as he always points out. The result is a mind- blowing taste and presentation that will make you experience new and creative ways to eat popular ingredients.
Walking City Tour/Seafood lunch/Dessert Festival / Free Afternoon /Pisco tasting & Amazon Dinner
Walking City Tour in Lima This special City Tour will take you back and show you 500 years of history of Lima. You will discover the history and traditions hidden in every corner of the capital of Peru with an special focus on Peruvian culinary legacy.
Seafood Lunch at La Mar: One of the most popular places where to eat seafood in Lima. It offers the largest variety seafood with creative innovative dishes specially designed by Gaston Acurio. The ambiance is fun and modern with warm colors that makes you feel just like home.
Dessert Festival: La Trattoria di Mambrino has in our opinion the best Dessert selection. Their selection is so extensive and complete that we just could not order for you. The menu includes Items from traditional Peruvian Desserts like “Suspiro a la Limena” to a “Tiramisu” A dream for dessert lovers. Sandra Plevisani mixes his experience as a dessert chef with her art background.
Pisco Tasting & Amazon Fusion Dinner at Malabar Restaurant: Pisco is Peru’s national drink and liquor so versatile that can be drunk alone or mixed with fruits from which we make amazing “Pisco Martinis”. You will learn to prepare these new, trendy pisco-based drinks with exotic fruits in addition to the traditional Pisco Sour. Tasting good Pisco is like tasting wine; you will be able to learn about the different grapes and grape combinations that are used in the preparation of Pisco through a guided tasting by an expert sommelier. Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will present his new cuisine using jungle ingredients.

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