Why Peru?

“Peru has become a new and popular culinary destination” (as featured in popular publications including Newsweek, NY Times and Rachel Ray). Its culture, its diversity of tourist attractions, its people, its landscapes, and its cuisine have made Peru a much talked about destination.

Over the last years, Peruvian cuisine has received international acclaim due to the new generation of young chefs that have raised the quality of our gastronomy to levels that compare with the great cuisines of the world through the creation of new tendencies such as Novoandina, Fusion Cuisine and Nikkei. The mixture of over 2000 years of diverse cultures, plus new techniques and the discovery of new local ingredients make Peruvian cuisine such an attractive experience for tourists.

Peruvians are always eating and cooking. We have become epicureans without even realizing it. Having a meal for us is not just merely eating: it is an opportunity to share with our people, an opportunity to celebrate, is who we are. We are grateful to the “Pachamama”, the goddess earth, for giving us over 300 different types of potatoes, exotic Amazonian fruits, tasty fishes and seafood and almost all the vegetables, and grains we may want.

Peruvian Cuisine is a hidden treasure that Magical Cusco Tours will help you to find.

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