The Magical Team
Obviously every company running tours into Peru will tell you they have a top flight team. That might be true, but at Magical Cusco Tours, we feel we have some unique qualities that make us special. We are professional, experienced, and completely committed to service.   Our team is full of dedicated professionals who live and breathe the culinary experience in Peru.  Each member of our team can be counted on to support your tour.  Here is who we are:
Brian Alperstein, Chairman and Director
Brian is a US born international lawyer (don't hold that against him), with a true love of travel. Much of our model is based on righting the wrongs he has experienced during his over 2 million miles as a business and vacation traveller. He says without a doubt that Peruvian cuisine beats any other cuisine in the world. For Brian, eating out in Lima has made eating elsewhere a little more of chore.
Wendy Alperstein, Director and President
Wendy's family has been in the Peruvian tourism industry for over 15 years. No surprises there. Wendy has become one of the top culinary experts in Peru, providing consulting and advice to tourists, businesses, writers, magazines and governments alike. She is always included by the Government of Peru on their list of people to talk with about the Peruvian culinary revolution. Wendy is a foodie and has dedicated hundreds of hours to assuring that our Taste of Peru tour includes to best of our cuisine (certainly not the worst part of her job). She is available to directly answer your questions or to share her vision of the ideal culinary tour.
Alberto Wirz, Specialized Culinary Tour Conducto
Alberto has a BA in Communications focused on Marketing and PR. He has been lecturer on Culture, Tolerance & Diversity for a Development project sponsored by the World Bank as well as on Peruvian Destinations for the Luxury Travel Expo. He is a Communication Adviser on quality standards & Tourism for the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation. He has 2 years of experience working as International Host. he is also a photographer for top VIP cruises lines such as: Disney, Regent Seven Seas, Holland American, among others. He has also travelled to more than 40 countries all around the world. All this experiences make Alberto a worldwide traveller, able to serve people from everywhere around the world and deal with almost every kind of situation. You will love his kindness and spontaneity. He is a great guide for your personalized culinary tour.
Adrián Macedo, Specialized Culinary Tour Conducto
Educated at a catholic school for boys, Adrian soon experienced his first approaches with the Andes through its music, by learning how to play the “quena” and the pan flute. Later, as a young boy, extremely interested in fossils, Adrian found his way in the boy scouts group where he fell in love with the mountains and its people. By traveling much over the country, Adrian decided to link his likes and future by studying hotel management and tourism; apparently different but both complementary. He also discovered some other big interests such as art history, the “quechua” language, surviving, ecotourism, archaeology, and anthropology. After graduating, he worked at the Almonds & Corals lodge of the south Caribbean National Park of Gandoca, Costa Rica where he was a consultant in food & beverage matters and also led groups in bird watching, canopy tours, sea kayaking, bike riding and snorkeling. Later, Adrian worked with the development Program of the European Union in an important Project at the jungle of the central regions of Per. He designed and partially executed a development program for the tourism growth of the district of Palcazú. He has always been interested in cuisine, his mother allowed him to make some experiments in her kitchen and since then loves to experiment with new ingredients and recipes. He has a great knowledge of the Peruvian Culture and his experience and true interest in the food industry made him a perfect candidate to lead culinary tours.
Janice Murphy, Translator
Janice Murphy is the interpreter for our cooking classes with renowned Peruvian chefs. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA), she has been living in Lima since 1982. After obtaining a degree in Business from Oklahoma State University, she worked in the accounting and finance departments of three international petroleum companies for fourteen years, both in the U.S. and Peru. Following the births of her four children, she wanted a change of pace and decided to study translation and interpretation, a career which she enjoys very much. Her unique understanding of both the Peruvian and US culture gives her and amazing advantage since she can relate to our clients' questions and offer comparisons and insights that you can only give if you truly know both cultures.
Cucha Bravo, Tour Guide

Cucha attended the “Escuela Nacional de Turismo” and later the “Universidad San Martin de Porres, where she obtained her professional degree in tourism. The first person she guided while she still was a student was Howard Thompson, who really impacted her and it was the turning point where she decided to show people not only the beauties of the City but the lovely flavors of the Peruvian cuisine. She is fluent in both Spanish, her native and English, which she teaches in the business and tourism areas. She is a beloved lady among the “Ex-Pat” community due to the knowledge of the customs of every corner of our country.

She is trained in cooking, since she took courses from some of the best chefs here and also she has been in charge of teaching English to waiters and personnel in the most famous restaurants such as Astrid & Gaston among others. Her favorite food is the food from Arequipa: exquisite, delicate and so tasty or the seafood in Lima and all the delicious dishes made from the fish and seafood found in the Ocean.

Rosario Olivera, Tour Guide
Rosario has more than 15 years as a tourism guide. She studied in Cenfotur, one of the best Tourism schools. She has travel around all Peru guiding VIP tourists including Cruises clients, Companies Directors and she is proud of being the guide of Hiram Bingham's cousins! (Hiram Bingham was the discoverer of Machu Picchu). She loves her work and she says that guiding a group is her best way to relax and have fun. She is always laughing and smiling. Her spontaneity is her best feature as a guide, you will see on her not just a guide but a friend that will show you the best of our country. She is a big Peruvian cuisine lover and a fan of Papa a la Huancaina. She says that the best part of the cuisine is to eat!
Ana Maria Calderón, Sales Manager & Foodie
Annie is an economist graduated from the Lima's University but she has been into culinary since very young. She is not only our Sales Manager but she also a chef, famous for her amazing buffets and catering for her friends and family. This, in addition to her love for tourism and travelling (she has been travelling for the last ten years) makes the perfect mix to be part of the Magical Staff. She spent more than 5 years living in US, Chile and Spain, so she knows very well what our American and European clients are looking for. Her Chinese family influence helped her with an amazing knowledge of the Asian Culture.
Claudia Lopez, Marketing & Culinary Cultural Analyst
Born in Lima, she has travelled since she was a little girl. She has lived in U.S. almost 2 years, so she is familiar with American culture and speaks fluent English. She earned a degree in Marketing at the San Ignacio de Loyola University, specializing in Market Research. Her travel experience includes trips to most popular Peruvian destinations such as Cusco, Arequipa, and Ica and off the track places like Piura, Trujillo, and the Amazon jungle. She joined our Magical Team to support with marketing & Culinary Aspects. She has hosted many of our groups in our Culinary Tours and helps us convey the cultural part of our tour with amazing interesting literature and personalized gifts. She is a food and nature lover.
Alejandro Alvarez, Business Development & Culinary Research
Alejandro studied French since his childhood at a Franco-Peruvian School, which motivated him to learn about foreign cultures, languages and to love and appreciate his own country. He decided to study tourism Management at San Ignacio de Loyola University, our premier tourism school. He started to work in the tourism Industry since he was 17 in diverse areas and for companies including Walt Disney World Resorts and Prom Peru (Peru Tourism Board), where he discovered his interest in Cultural Tourism. This was the start of his love affair with culinary tourism. He has almost 4 years of experience in Tourism Marketing. He joined the Magical team to support the development of new culinary products. His trips have Taken him to other countries such as France, Spain and U.S and in Peru he has been in Cusco, Puno, Arequipa as well as other off-the-beaten-path places such as Trujillo, Chiclayo, Iquitos and Chachapoyas. Although he is very slim, he is a big food lover.
Our Operations Team
Flavia Bertoli (green shirt) leads our operations and reservations team in Lima. Pilar, Ramiro and Luis will do whatever is needed for you to have the most magical experience. They are all experienced professional people and they are part of our big Magical family. They all have different previous experiences. Flavia is economist and has managed different areas in her former jobs, including her own business. Pilar has worked in different travel agencies, Luis is a mountain guide and he is our expert in trekking and off the road destinations and Ramiro has worked in hotels and services and his charm and willigness to help is always appreciated by our clients. their different background makes our operations team a great team, that compliments each other with a big knowledge of all the tourism and business processes. They are the magicians of your trip. We cannot forget our Finances and Administration Team, lead by Jose Antonio whose kindness and charm makes the office dynamics fun and creative.

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